Leading the coatings industry with water-based, healthier, sustainable coatings for all different uses.

Paintec is committed to the development of environmentally friendly water-based products that improve the outcomes for customers. Our investment in innovative solutions that constantly improve our products, results in coatings that are better for the environment and better for our customers.

Paintec has provided outstanding customer service for over 25 years, with all of our products manufactured in Southeast Queensland and undergoing extensive quality control. Our water-based coatings offer many benefits including:

  • Better for the environment, reducing the risk of exposure to solvent-based airborne hazardous chemicals
  • Transitioning to water based coatings will help to reduce emissions to Net Zero.
  • Cheaper, with 15% to 30% savings on most coatings from the solvent-based alternative
  • Water based coatings develop a more natural finish than solvent-based coatings
  • And there’s up to a 30% reduction (litreage) in material needed and no purchasing of additional solvents or waste solvent disposal needed, and an elimination of flame proof protective equipment requirements (flameproof tooling, hoists, lighting etc.).

Why Paintec?

Reducing Emissions and Health & Safety Risks

Our coatings eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents such as Xylene, which can are responsible for respiratory problems, dizziness, headaches, etc. There is also a reduced risk, of fire and explosion, as solvents are highly flammable.

Cost Savings

For so long, the lower cost of solvent-based chemicals in the construct of coatings formulations has meant solvents have been cost effective for years, although through the course of the last 2 years, this has changed dramatically, with solvent base components growing 35 to 40 per cent in wholesale price, making water-based options the cheaper alternative.

Better End Result

The spread rate of our water-based coatings is up to 1.3 times that of solvent-based products (based on substrate profiling), so not only do you save money in the cost of the coating, but you can also make it go 30% further and dry it at the same time as your traditional solvent-based product, at normal temperate operating temperatures.

PARTNER WITH PAINTEC – We help you keep a sense of control in a world of fast paced change.

Our Product in Action

Paintec’s sister company, AQUIO™, is the only company dedicated solely to working with the shipping container maintenance and repair industry in Australia and New Zealand to address the issue of carbon footprint. We have developed a more sustainable, waterborne floor coating that allows shipping container owners to reutilise their boxes for food quality shipments at a fraction of the cost of a chemical washout or floor board replacement.

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