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Our goal is to create healthier, sustainable coatings for all different uses!

The power of working with a local manufacturer like Paintec, means we can work with every client to create a customisable solution. This includes offering full white label paint manufacturing services across our coatings and vinyl flake decorative broadcast media. All of our products are manufactured in South East Queensland and undergo extensive quality control. From colour selection and development to naming the colours, we can help you with every aspect to create the perfect colour collection for your brand and product.
Paintec Group - Designing Sustainable Coatings

Paintec uses cutting edge technology and chemistry to create coatings that are both environmentally friendly and sustainability-focused. Check out our Manufacturing page to get in touch about a custom coating.

Our Coating Companies and Brands

Australian Pool Coatings and Paints

We provide Australians with top quality products to keep their pool in pristine condition.

Aquio Innovation - Sustainable Shipping Container Coatings

AQUIOâ„¢ is dedicated solely to the sustainable maintenance and repair of shipping containers.

Everglaze Sustainable Surface Coatings and Paints

Sustainable products for recreational, commercial and industrial floor coatings.

The Paintec team is proud to be involved in the #MakingItForQLD campaign. In response to COVID-19, this campaign is a great initiative to share and celebrate the products we make right here in Queensland.

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