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Paintec’s Everglaze Range covers commercial, retail and residential coatings. Including single pack and two-pack systems. If it is the driveway, garage, factory floor or pool the Everglaze range will protect and decorate to your satisfaction for many years.

All our products contain NICNAS registered and regulated ingredients

We take this seriously and are investing very heavily in formulating safer, water-based, solventless materials to replace existing solvent-based products. This will help our customers:

  • Meet local Australian regulatory requirements for storage, transportation and distribution
  • Reduce site workplace health and safety issues
  • Reduce fees associated with specific extraction units for fumes and dangerous goods

Most of our research and development now is on water-based and non-flammable technologies, not only in industrial enamels but across our entire product range, with products already on the market from this work.

From our head office and warehouse in Loganholme, Brisbane we service our customers across Australia. Our staff are always on call to back up our commitment to product quality and superior service in the field. Our long-term goal is to continue developing close business relationships with customers who seek specialised or specific coating systems.


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If you need more information about our products or want professional advice on what products to use for your needs, we would love to assist you!

Just give us a call at Paintec on 07 3806 0600 or send us a message. Connect with us on Facebook.