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To reflect Paintec Group’s innovative coating solutions, we made the decision to modernise the existing company branding. To help our customers identify the Paintec Group brand, we created a consistent design across each of our companies. The two colours chosen to represent the Paintec Group companies were blue and green as they are associated with sustainability, aligning with our vision of creating cleaner, healthier, sustainable coatings.


Paintec Group 

Paintec Group is dedicated to creating healthier, sustainable coatings for all different uses. Operations began in 1994, and since then, this family owned business has grown into one of Queensland’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality coating systems that are both environmentally friendly and sustainability focused. We are very proud to supply coatings to over 100 companies all around Australia and New Zealand. Our coating companies include AQUIOTM, Australian Pool Coatings and Everglaze.


Our 2025 Vision

With 22 years of industry experience covering sales, operations, manufacturing and formulation, the General Manager of Paintec Group, Brendan McAuliffe, has seen firsthand the notion of sustainability become more and more prominent over time. To respond to the changing needs of the coating industry, Paintec Group aims to eliminate the use, storage, and handling of flammable liquids by 2025.


All Paintec Group’s products, containing flammable liquids, will be switched to water-based or solvent-less technology. Our 2025 vision will also ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible with the reduction of plastic and inclusion of more sustainable materials, such as metal pails and cardboard. We are working hard to further innovate our methods of application, finding new ways to apply our products that require less electricity and emit fewer carbon emissions.


Our continuous drive to improve, streamline and optimise what we do is paramount to our ongoing success. Whether residential, recreational or commercial, Paintec Group aims to create and supply cleaner, healthier, sustainable coatings!



AQUIO™ is the only company dedicated solely to working with the shipping container maintenance and repair industry globally to address the large carbon footprint issue. They have developed a more sustainable, water-based floor coating – NutriSkin™ that allows shipping container owners to reuse their boxes for food quality shipments at a fraction of the cost of a chemical washout or floorboard replacement. The product helps companies increase the lifespan of their shipping containers while reducing costs and risks.


Australian Pool Coatings

Australian Pool Coatings has been supplying products to Shire Councils for over 25 years to help maintain their pools for the public to use during their swimming season. Australian Pool Coatings has now expanded to residential pools and are excited to help pool owners breathe new life into their pools. By helping pool owners extend the life of their pool, Australian Pool Coatings aligns with Paintec Group’s goal of creating healthier, sustainable coatings for all different uses.



With over 20 years’ experience in the floor and industrial coatings market, Everglaze provides sustainable products for recreational, commercial, and industrial floor coatings. The team at Everglaze take sustainability seriously and are focused on innovating the flooring industry to provide safer, water-based and solventless materials. All of their products contain NICNAS registered and regulated ingredients.  


Our Strategic Pillars and Core Values

Paintec Group prides itself on its clear vision and to achieve this, each company under the Paintec Group follows our Strategic Pillars; Sustainability, Customer Service, Quality Process, Relationships and People. These pillars can be seen in everything we do, from ensuring high quality customer service to formulating and manufacturing innovative, sustainable coatings to employing staff who share our vision. Our core values, which reflect and support our Strategic Pillars, include resilience, trust, mutual respect, safety communication and self-motivation.


To find out more about Paintec and our Coating Companies, please contact Brendan at

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