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Local Coating & Paint Manufacturing Company

Local Coating & Paint Manufacturing Company

The power of working with a local manufacturer like Paintec, means we can work with every client to create a customisable solution.

We are committed to working with our customers to find a specific product or modification to an existing product, that best suits their own process or application. Because we can do batch sizes ranging from 200 L through 2000 L, we can tailor solutions to our customers’ requirements, saving them unnecessary downtime in modifying the product themselves.

In working with our customers, we are often able to find ways of making the process easier for them, resulting in faster throughput than they were achieving prior to our modification.

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The Paintec coating manufacturing process supports greater sustainability now by:

  1. Washing down after each batch we reclaim as much product as we can and reuse in other applications.
  2. Recycling packaging materials, where possible, including metal containers and cardboard packaging so that we can reduce the amount of packaging that goes to landfill.
  3. Tailoring batches to customer requirements. Whilst we could make larger batches this would require a greater energy input in manufacturing than is necessary. It also ensures that we are purchasing the required quantity of material for the customer order and not taking more than what we need to manufacture batch.
  4. Organising our production schedule so that it requires the least clean down in between batches.
  5. Investigating new technologies so that we can provide quality alternative formulations to existing products that contribute and enhance our desire to maintain a sustainable coatings operation.
  6. Working closely with our customers, as some of our customers have excess product after application that is not on specification, which we are able to bring back to Paintec and rework back to specification. The customer gets maximum usage of the product and does not have to pay costs to dump the product.
  7. Reducing carbon emissions from our manufacturing facility by using a less automated coating manufacturing process.

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