The Paintec Group Vision

The Paintec Group of companies is a leader in sustainable and safe coating systems because coatings should make the whole world cleaner, not just the surface.


Our success is based on a positive plan for an economically and environmentally sustainable approach to coatings.

Customer Service

At all times we strive to deliver a customer experience that exceeds their expectations and sets us apart in our market place.

Quality Process

The continuous drive to improve, streamline and optimise what we do is paramount to our ongoing success.


As a company we understand the importance of building and sustaining warm and productive relationships with all our key stakeholders.


Attracting, engaing and retaining key staff who share our vision and support our culture is vital to our success.


How we positively respond to business lessons and challenges rather than dwell on problems builds our character and culture.


We focus on the actions and behaviours that builds high levels of mutual trust amongst all of our staff, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

Mutual Respect

Simple treat other people in the same manner and with the same respect that you too would like to be treated.


Look to proactively improve safety and reduce risk at all levels for our staff, customers and other potential impacted stakeholders.


At all times ensure that we communicate in a way that ensures clear messages are crafted, delivered and received.

Self Motivation

Doing what needs to be done, even when challenging, without giving up or needing encouragement from others.